Incall Bookings: The Guide to Perfect Escort Etiquette

Posted on 2017-10-17

Etiquette is the unspoken code of conduct in society or amongst members of a particular profession or group in which your behaviour is polite and well mannered.

Escort etiquette is a code of conduct which is applied to every escort you will ever meet, no matter their age, race or agency they represent. Some agencies will obviously have their very own versions to incorporate the exclusive services they offer and our agency is no different. Here at Exclusive Asian Escorts to ensure our London Asian escorts are respected whilst delivering high-quality services we have designed our very own guide to the perfect incall booking escort etiquette.

With hundreds of new clients each week joining our ever-growing clientele, we feel it is more important than ever to bring to our client's attention exactly what is escort etiquette. To some of you reading this news post, the list of expectations will seem common sense. However, whether it's your first booking or your fifteenth booking with us, if you want our amazing ladies to be able to deliver unforgettable experiences you must attend to our code of conduct.

Incall Bookings: The Ins and Outs

Incall bookings are amongst the two most popular escort bookings in the world. For those who are new to the agency and Asian escorts in London, the service is very simple. An incall booking is where you travel to the escorts home, apartment or hotel room who you have booked to spend time in the presence of. Once behind closed doors whatever two consulting adults decide to do is totally up to them and we as an agency take no responsibility.

So the big question you may find yourself asking, is why are incall bookings so popular? Well, the answer is there are many reasons. The booking tends to be seen as a much easier booking because you are not the host and have to prepare your home for your companion to come over. Other people like the fact the service is cheaper as you are saving money on lower hourly rates as you do not cover your dates travel costs. Some people just think the service is more discrete and confidential with no trace of your activities back to your place of residence which creates peace of mind for some of our clients.

Exclusive Asian Escorts Etiquette

Have we whetted your appetite with more information about incall bookings and why they are so popular? Well, before you find yourself looking at our gorgeous selection of London Asian escorts profiles that complete our amazing gallery page, here is our escort etiquette guide we expect you to read and honour before booking an experience that will change your life forever.

Hygiene is Key

One of the most important things when meeting with an escort is to have good hygiene. Good hygiene protects against the spread of diseases and illnesses whilst making you much more attractive to your companion. In everyday life, you should be maintaining good hygiene and try to look as presentable as possible. Before you ever meet with one of the very best Asian escorts London has to offer you MUST shower. On arrival to your escorts place of residence if you haven't already showered you will be asked to. If you refuse our ladies can refuse to continue with the booking. Dress to impress, shower, brush your teeth and clean your fingernails and you are on to a winner.

Arrive on Time

You never want to leave your date waiting. It is rude and can be a real turn off. You are not only wasting your time but your money as well as you may not be able to experience a fulfilling time if it is rushed. Plan your route the night before and leave your home early to give yourself some extra travel time. We do understand however, unforeseen delays can occur like bad traffic especially around London so we ask for you to contact our agency just so we can inform your date that you are running slightly late.

Be Polite and Well Mannered

A common phrase that our agency works towards is always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. It is a simple saying but showing respect and speaking to your date and our agency in a polite manner really goes a long way. If you are obnoxious and extremely rude, you have wasted a chance to experience high-quality companionship services. Our London Asian escorts can leave any clients company if they feel unsafe or threatened and if this is ever the case you will never be able to use our agency again.

Safety Comes First

All of our ladies will keep protection such as condoms at their residence. We still ask you, however, to bring your own just in case. We want to eliminate any possible risk of infections and diseases as we have our ladies regularly checked. Obviously, some booking types such as BBBJ do not require condoms so if you have agreed with us and your date beforehand then that is totally okay.

Arrive at Bookings Alone

We do not accept any of our clients arriving at one of our ladies places of residence with another person. The only exception is if a couple or duo booking has been made. This is because we are a confidential and secure agency who want to keep our girls as safe as possible whilst never revealing their private details to anyone. If in an instance you do turn up accompanied the authorities will be contacted.

Don't Delay just Pay

Exclusive Asian Escorts do not accept credit cards or debit cards. This is because we find accepting cash much more secure. That is why we ask for you to pay your date with cash in an envelope during the first 15 minutes of your booking. If our ladies have to ask you to pay it can be a real turn off and dampen the mood of the night. Be a gentleman and never ask for a discount as this is one of the biggest insults you can giveĀ Asian escorts London who performs high levels services.

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